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Why do I need an agent if I'm buying a new construction home?

Many people think that when they buy a new home that they do not nee to employ a REALTOR® to represent them. this is far from the truth! Often you need the services of a REALTOR® more. These are the reasons:

  • The onsite agents are all really nice friendly people BUT they represent the builder, the builders best interest is their primary (and legal) priority.
  • You WILL NOT save money NOT using a REALTOR® to represent you.
  • REALTORS® often know about future developments, issues and problems with neighborhoods.
  • The 'Headline' price you see is almost certainly not the price you will pay. There are lot premiums, options and upgrades which all cost money on top of the base price. With some builders the price uplift can be as much as 20%. REALTORS® can advise you on this.
  • The Builders Design Center where you chose your options is like a Candy Store, it's easy to become a kid! Your REALTOR® can advise you of what will and will not add value to your home, helping you keep $$$ in your pocket.

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